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Summary - PHP language with their Programs :

NOTE : PHP5 lessons will not be translated into English, to avoid mixing technical language. Regarding PHP7, see on other sites.

Summary - PHP5 and Programming ; Note : you can use a notepad to do all your tests
   1. - Use of PHP, Order Form, Processing and Embedding PHP Code in HTML Code
   1. 2. - Adding Dynamic Content, Invoking Functions, Date Function, Accessing Form Variables
   1. 3. - Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, etc.
   1. 4. - Use of Operators, Calculation of Totals of an Order Form
   1. 5. - Variables State Tests, Conditional Structures, Code Blocks, else, elseif, switch statements, While Loops
   2. - Use "fopen ()" to open a file, write "fwrite ()" in a file and close "fclose ()" of the file
   2. 1. - Opening a file, for reading fopen(), feof(), fgets(), fgetss(), fgetcsv(), reafile(), fpassthru() and file()
   3. - Use of Tables, Numerically Indexed Tables, Associative Tables, Multidimensional Tables
   3. 1 - Using the shuffle() Function, Loading an Array from Files, each(), current(), reset() ...
   4. - Smart Message Entry Form, Channel Formatting, strtok(), substr(), strcmp() strcasecmp()
   4. 1. - Localization of Sub-strings in Strings, strstr(), strchr(), strrchr(), stristr(), strpos(), strrpos(), str_replace()
   5. - Use of the require() and include() Instructions, Configuration Auto_prepend_file and Auto_append_file
   5. 1. - Use of Functions and Basic Structure, Assignment of a Name to a Function as well as the Parameters
   5. 2. - Pass by Reference Against Pass by Value, Forced Exit from a Function and Return of Values by Functions
   6. - Object Oriented Programming, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Class Creation and Structure, Constructors, Instantiation
   6. 1. - Object Oriented Programming (part 2) and Implementation of a Class to create a fictitious Site
   7. - Design of your Database, Tables, Columns, Rows, Values, Keys, Diagrams and relationships
   7. 1. - Design and Creation of the Web Database, Users and Privileges with their SQL Commands
   7. 2. - Creation of the Database as well as the Tables and Configuration of a User (3rd part)
   7. 3. - MySQL Identifiers, Column and Numeric Data Types, Date Times (4th part)
   8. - Working with your MySQL Database and Inserting Data into the Database (part 1)
   8. 1. - Read and Retrieve Data from the Database, Simple Merge of Two Tables, Aliases
   8. 2. - Retrieve, Group and Aggregate Data, Choose the Lines to Return, Update Records
   9. - Access your MySQL Database from the Web, Main steps for Querying a Database
   9. 1. - Adding Information to the Database, Other Useful Functions of PHP / MySQL (part 2)
   10. - Implement Authentication with PHP and MySQL, Save and Encrypt Passwords
   11. - Uploading Files to the Server with PHP, Uploading, Introduction, Writing PHP Code (Part 1)
   11. 1. - Reading, Creating and Deleting Folder Content, Obtaining File Information
   12. - Generation and Creation of Images, Image-Canvas, Drawing or Printing of Text in an Image (1st part)
   12. 1. - Graphic Representation of Digital Data, Image Creation and Manipulation, Survey (2nd part)
   13. - Authenticate Users and Personalize the Site, Implementation of the Bookmarks Database (1st part)
   13. 1. - Basic Site Implementation and User Authentication, User Registration (Part 2)
   13. 2. - Login and Logout Implementation, Password (3rd part)
   13. 3. - Implementation of Recording and Reading and Deletion of URLs Bookmarks (part 4)
   14. - Implement a Shopping Cart, Implement a Catalog, Payment and Keep a Trace of Purchases (Part 1)
   14. 1. - Implementation of the Online Database and Catalog, Category Lists and Books (part 2)
   14. 2. - Implementation and View Cart, Add and Save Items, Exit the Store (Part 3)
   14. 3. - Implementation of Shopping Cart Payment and Implementation of an Administration Interface (4th part)
   15. - Implement a Mailing Lists Manager, Problem Presentation and Solution Presentation (part 1)
   15. 1. - Database Configuration for Mailing List Manager and Script Architecture (Part 2)
   15. 2. - Implementation of the Login and Creation of a New Account, Open a Session of Mailing Lists (3rd part)
   15. 3. - Implementation of Classic User Functions, Display of Lists and Information (4th part)
   15. 4. - Implementation of Administrative Functions and Download of a New Bulletin (Part 5)
   15. 5. - Preview and Sending of the HTML Bulletin or Text of Mailing Lists (6th part)

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